New Gears of War 4″ Horde 3.0 Gameplay 

With PAX West on this long weekend in Seattle, gaming fans are getting the chance to play some of the Fall’s upcoming big titles including the highly anticipated “Gears of War 4” – Microsoft’s big exclusive and the debut of the famed series on the current generation of hardware.

Today some twenty minutes of gameplay from the title’s cooperative ‘Horde Mode 3.0’ have gone online. The mode pits five soldiers against increasingly difficult waves of enemies – you must defend yourselves for as long as possible against as many as fifty rounds of enemy encounters.

New to this version is a card-based skill unlock system, a class-based system, and the use of a barrier generating ‘Fabricator’. The game itself hits stores on October 11th.


Source: New Gears of War 4″ Horde 3.0 Gameplay – Dark Horizons