On Christmas day I had the pleasure of speaking with my cousin, whom I hadn’t had the chance to talk to for quite a number of months. As usual the conversation eventually made its way around to reading suggestions. I mentioned some fun reads I’d recently experienced, and my cousin mentioned Saga. I bought it the following day and was delighted to discover that it’s written by the author of another work that proved to be a favorite of mine, Y: The Last Man.

Y was actually the tale that sort of thrust me back into my passionate love of comic books, and Saga did not disappoint, quite the opposite in fact. Fiona Staples‘ art is breathtaking and perfectly illustrates Brian K. Vaughan‘s captivating story of two lovers on opposite sides of a planetary war and their struggle to survive with a new born child. 

It’s a magic filled, action packed, and well paced tale so far. I ate up both volumes 1 and 2 over that weekend ignoring friends and loved ones alike, and now I must begrudgingly wait for volume 3 which doesn’t come out until April. I guess it can be an early birthday present to myself! And I’d recommend you treat yourself to this awesome story as well.
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