Shots From The Studio #5

So for this weeks Shots from the Studio I wanted to spotlight a great video by Cartoonist Kayfabe about one of my favorite comic stories written and drawn by one of my favorite artists. I’m talking about Weapon X by Barry Windsor Smith.

For those who don’t know Weapon X was a 13 part storyline that appeared in the biweekly anthology book Marvel Comics Presents in 1988. It began in issue 72 and finished with issue 84. It was the first real look into the origin of what was almost certainly Marvels most popular character at the time, the enigmatic X-Men mutant Wolverine.

It is a great story with gorgeous art by Windsor Smith who until now had only done a few scattered, but canonically important, issues of Uncanny X-Men. Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg of Cartoonist Kayfabe do a wonderful job of deep diving into this books art, writing and history.