Shots From The Studio #9

Greetings. For this weeks Shots from the Studio I wanted to turn my attention to music…sort of.

Today I’m going to spotlight five album covers from the eighties who’s artwork really grabbed my attention and inspired me. Back when I was first discovering music for myself the first impression you got of a band was the album cover. There was no internet, no Spotify and the music I liked did not get radio play. So often all you had to go on was the cover, band photo or artwork on the back, song titles and record label. If two or more of these elements looked promising I usually would give the band a shot. But the most important was the cover because that’s what would peak my interest in the first place.

Here are five album covers I instantly loved and helped draw me in to these awesome bands in my teens.

Queensryche-The Warning art by Matt Bazemore
VoiVod-Nothingface art by Away
Iron Maiden-Piece of Mind  art by Derrik Riggs
Cirith Ungol-King of the Dead  art by Michael Whelan
Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death art by Winston Smith