swnhnIn 1977, the iconic movie was released and it changed the world of cinematography forever. 38 years later, Star Wars is still in the process of changing worlds.

In 2012 the Navajo Indian Tribe approached Lucas Films and proposed to have Stars Wars: A New Hope dubbed in the Navajo language. With little consideration, George Lucas was more than willing to approve the project.
Fast forward to April 17, 2015 and members of the Navajo Tribe, as well as others from around the world get to watch the newly dubbed Episode IV at the annual Star Wars Celebration.

There is little to say about the movie that hasn’t already been said, but to experience an iconic movie in a native language is breathtaking. To have a movie bridge a gap between languages, bringing together a tribe and showing the world the beauty of a native language is just another reason why Lucasfilms and Star Wars has become not only an iconic movie, but a beacon for all.

Photo Apr 17, 2 51 48 PM

Just as the title states, “Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope”, the film truly has brought a new hope to the Navajo People. It bridges a gap in the Navajo tribe; the gap between the younger generation who do not know the Navajo language and the older generational that never learned the English language. It also provides another reason for the wonders of the Navajo people to be exposed to a worldwide audience.

Watching the movie completely dubbed is an experience that should not be missed. For those of you that do not speak the Navajo language, the movie does come with subtitles in 50 different languages, so there is no reason to miss out on this epic opportunity.

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