star wars celebrationWow! What an amazing four day experience. Adam and I had a great time exploring our first Star Wars Celebration, both together and separately. This recap will focus on Friday through Sunday as I previously posted on Thursday’s crazy events.

For myself I think that Friday was, by in far, my favorite of the four days. Why? Because I had the pleasure of sitting in on the panel ” A Date With A Princess”. This was Carrie Fisher’s panel, as a fan girl and true Star Wars nerd this was the highlight of my whole weekend. She did not give away any secrets about the upcoming movie, however, she did share stories of filming the originals.  Carrie is a funny, charismatic, and candid individual that truly loves her fans.  She proved this by signing autographs, taking pictures, and taking an interest in the fans questions.  An entertaining side note is that she had her dog on the stage with her and wherever she went he followed, even to meet the fans. Princess Leia on and off the screen continues to be an idol and inspiration to her fans.

After the first seeing Carrie Fisher, I met back up with Adam for our next panel.  This next one was about how Star Wars: A New Hope was the first movie to ever be dubbed in Navajo.  I was very excited to see and hear how this came out and experience the movie in the Navajo’s native tongue.  Adam has written a more in-depth and heartfelt piece about this movie experience, so the last thing I will say is, this was an experience I will not forget.

Saturday was Star Wars Rebels day. I was lucky enough to attend both the panel and the press conference immediately following.  As someone who did not watch the first season of this series, I was completely blown away by the cast and the trailer for the upcoming season. The excitement of the crowd definitely helped me understand what all of the hype was about.  In the press conference I was able to learn and understand more about the family dynamic among the cast behind as well as on the screen. Freddie Prinze Jr., the most notable member of the cast, is a true Star Wars geek. He is well versed in the Star Wars Universe and could easily explain what a Jedi would go through and how he could train a padawan. If you haven’t already started watching Star Wars Rebels, you are missing out.

Sunday was our day to hangout with friends and experience the convention on a different level.  After spending the previous 3 days attending panels and taking in all the sights it was fun to see the convention from the eyes of our friends kids.  They were so bright eyed and mesmerized by all the cosplayers and booths of Star Wars toys.  Lego had a booth where you could build a different starship every day, Sunday was the Millennium Falcon.  Adam kindly waited in the long line so that I could walk around with our friends until it was time to make them.  This was a fun experience to be apart of, watching both kids and parents trying to build their starship and not get distracted by all of the excitement around us.  After we built our Legos and had lunch,  Adam and I left early feeling as though we had a fun and unique experience.

Next years Star Wars Celebration will be held in London and while it would be fun to travel to a foreign land to experience this event again, we will be patiently waiting until it comes back to Southern California.  If you are Star Wars Fan, I would highly recommend that you experience this event at least once.

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