In this episode AJ is joined by Adam and Jess of AdamJessFX.  Sit as AJ tears apart at their psyche to see why these guys enjoy making horrifying masks.

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Convention season is in full swing and Forbidden Panel is right where we want to be: right in the middle of it! We received a wonderful response from old and new fans welcoming us back to Wonder Con in Anaheim this year. AJ Herrera and crew introduced several new books, as well as creating a new fan base for our existing titles.

On Friday night after a full first day at the convention, we had our annual Wonder Con company dinner.  The food was terrific and the company was even better. Our friends and family showed up to hang out, talk about the day, and make plans for the rest of the weekend.

There were many highlights to the first convention of the season that included Forbidden Panel. These included admiring the many, amazing cosplayers wandering around the convention center, meeting and sharing our books with popular celebrities, and for me (Andrea), it was attending the Lucifer Panel on Sunday.

April was a busy month for us that also included our 24-hour Create Something Day. “Create Something Day” has become a way for members of Forbidden Panel, as well as other artists and creators, to come together and work on their projects over a 24-hour period. It’s a fun a way to finish projects, visit with like minded individuals and at times catch up on your favorite movies. Check our Facebook page for the next one!

Stay tuned for our coming events, as May is going to be another exciting month for us. We can’t wait to share it with all of you!

For any additional information about upcoming events or press releases, contact Andrea at

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Today started like every year; long lines, people everywhere, and just the right amount of awesome to make it ok.

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Comikaze-LogoThis past Halloween weekend marked the 5th year for Comikaze.  Dubbed Stan Lee’s Comikaze 3 years ago, this years show was filled with fans and cosplayers from all over.  Thousands of attendees swarmed the Los Angeles Convention Center in hopes of catching their favorites of the industry.  This was Forbidden Panels first year having a booth at the show. Continue reading

Saturday of New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2015 is officially in the books, and due to travel necessities, it will be my last day for this year. The first and most vehement thing I have to say about the day is, holy crap. I thought the crowds were massive yesterday, but they were even larger today. I haven’t seen crowds like that anywhere outside of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). It was truly impressive. For the first time this weekend, there were panels outside of the main hall that had their lines capped hours before the panel actually took place. The halls were packed, people were costumed to the nines, and there was a generally frenetic energy filling the air. I’ve got pictures for you and a brief bit of coverage regarding the panels that I attended, but first let me say, any of you that enjoy the convention experience and have had a blast at SDCC or WonderCon, you really should give NYCC a shot at least once.

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Heroes of Cosplay on SyFy is a new running show which encompasses the world of cosplay for TV purposes. But perhaps SyFy is making cosplay more of a joke, than something that people take serious.

The show follows the feats of nine cosplayers, only one of whom who is a male. It chronicles their journeys in cosplay making from concept to finish as well as to the conventions they attend to compete in or judge competition.

I find it a little disappointing that only one male is featured on the show when men are actually the minority in cosplay. The title of the show is also unfortunately a little pretentious. No one can truly be a “Hero of Cosplay” but I suppose they were trying to say they were inspirational. Instead, it makes them sound like they are the top names of cosplay when in fact there can be none. Another angle that SyFy misrepresents is the “responsibilities” of the cosplayers, such as Yaya Han’s. Yaya Han is a large cosplay name, often being a judge at conventions and even having appeared on King of the Nerds as a judge earlier this year. But the show presents that she (and the others on the show) are constantly trying to find new ways to gain popularity rather than work on costumes. In my opinion, no one honestly really cares if they don’t have a new costume by the next convention. Yes, it’s human for them to worry about disappointing their fans, but really no one is going to be mad if Yaya shows up in her Chun Li costume to a couple cons in a row without debuting a new one. Cosplay in general is NOT about getting fans and being popular. The point is to have fun dressing up as a character you adore. The most disappointing aspect of the show though is the editing. The editing is done purposefully to make the show be filled with more drama, stressing conversations the people have about cosplay and making it look like they are being rude or over dramatic. Yaya Han and some of the other “contestants” said seemingly unflattering comments about people who are overweight cosplaying and have had to release damage control statements this past week to clarify that their words were cut and twisted together by editing. Also, using stock footage from a con that isn’t even being attended in the episode is probably not a good idea…

If I have so many issues with this show, why am I writing about it? There are some upsides to Heroes of Cosplay. I quite enjoy that, 1) it’s about cosplay. Cosplay is such an underground scene in public, it is interesting for it to be coming to the mainstream. I like that they show how much hard work can be put into cosplay. I actually like that they show the extremes of cosplay. In the first episode, one of the “contestants” is shown trying to completely emulate the character and bring her to life. Not everyone does that, but I’m glad they show that some people do. I like that in the first episode they showed that sometimes costumes never get finished, even when they get taken to con to be finished in the hotel room. I LOVE that it isn’t a competition. A lot of people expressed their distaste that it wasn’t a show more like Face Off, but honestly a cosplay show like Face Off would be a waste for showing off what the cosplay community is like. I also like that the stars themselves try not to present themselves as pretentious about cosplay as the narrator does. Yaya Han denies being a “cosplay queen” but more of a “cosplay ambassador” in the first episode. It’s also great that some of the cosplayers are well established while some of them are just starting out.

Will Heroes of Cosplay be a failure or a success? Will it accurately represent the cosplay community? Will it satisfy the cosplay community? Every cosplayer will answer these questions differently. Who’s to say what’s in store though? Only two episodes have aired. Only time will tell.

Have an opinion on the show? Drop a comment down there!

Visit the Official Website:

Catch the show on Tuesday nights at 10 on SyFy

We are now two weeks into June and for most of us in the SoCal region, this means one thing; San Diego Comic-Con is coming!

We are gathering our costume pieces and working out the final kinks in our uniforms, robes, warrior garb, prosthetic and various other attachments we will be sporting for the 4 days of insanity.  In just about one month, the San Diego Convention Center will erupt in an H-Bomb of geekery.  Chaos will flood the streets in the form of zombies, mages, elves, Uruk-hai, inhabitants of Krypton and everyone from Rainbow Bright to Batman will be there.  There will be Wonder Women and Phoenix’s, Catwomen and every rendition of Harley Quinn oozing out of every street lamp in the Gaslamp District and more skin than should be legal in a public place, all in the name of costuming and the love of geek culture. Continue reading

By Martin Bright

The last day of WonderCon 2013 was bittersweet. It was a huge weekend for the show however fatigue was starting to show. But that did not stop fans from showing up, especially with the likes of Joss Whedon, Clark Gregg and Nathan Fillion due to be on site. Per the norm, Sunday was a day to wind down and hunt for deals on the exhibit hall floor and attend the last few panels before calling it “a Con.”

DC Comics Talent at WonderCon 2013

DC Comics Talent at WonderCon 2013

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Long Beach Comic & Horror Con hosted their fourth annual show this past weekend. 10’s of thousands of attendees crowded the halls of the Long Beach Convention Center for the two day show. Cosplayers brought out their best costumes, convention center staff was well prepared to handle the Con attendees as well as the Gardening Expo people also in the building, and the California coastal weather created a picturesque weekend for a comic con. But this year’s limited programming and overall mood on the exhibit hall floor made for a less than normal con-experience. Long Beach Comic Con felt like it was missing some elements. Fans still seemed to enjoy hanging out with old friends and making new ones, but will they come back next year?Cosplayers as the Avengers Continue reading

Comikaze Day 1 was great. There were a few small problems as the day started but the show was still fun overall. Considering it was one of the hottest days on record in Los Angeles I can’t imagine a better place to be than an indoor, air conditioned comic expo. Stan Lee made several appearances, the exhibit hall floor was huge, cosplayers were out in force, panels were packed and people seemed to be having a generally good time.

Los Angeles Convention Center for Comikaze

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