Comikaze 2015

Comikaze-LogoThis past Halloween weekend marked the 5th year for Comikaze.  Dubbed Stan Lee’s Comikaze 3 years ago, this years show was filled with fans and cosplayers from all over.  Thousands of attendees swarmed the Los Angeles Convention Center in hopes of catching their favorites of the industry.  This was Forbidden Panels first year having a booth at the show.

The show was a lot of fun.  And while we didn’t have our normal big booth set-up, we did manage to make our presence known on the floor.  With returning booth veterans such as Justin White and Daniel Whitfield, as well as myself, fans were treated to their familiar zombie-esque eye-popping art.  Watching newcomer Joey LaBartunek pop his convention cherry while promoting his new book was a blast..  New and returning fans found it an adventure tracking us down in such an unfamiliar setting, but find us they did.

20151031_170345 Being that we were new to the show we really didn’t know what to expect.  However, with a confusing floor layout, random high temps, and lack of parking, we still managed to enjoy ourselves.  One of the highlights of the show was seeing one of our youngest fans win the custom Firefly skateboard we created and a visit from the famous cosplayer Riddle.20151101_153113


We want to thank all of our fans for stopping by the booth as well as Comikaze itself for allowing us the chance to venture into their event.

We sent our newest correspondent, Victoria Cordasco, out onto the floor with a camera and a stack of flyers and asked her to find some new fans.  Check out the gallery below to see the spoils of her adventure.  Also, visit our instagram to see photos from the show.

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