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In this episode AJ and Anthony review NAILBITER!!nailbiter_pin_up_featured_in_nailbiter__4_by_douggarbark-d7tzqj9 NAILBITER_V1_COVER-OCTOBER-PREVIEWS

Also, AJ sits down with writer creator Daniel Corey from Dangerkatt studios to discuss his latest book Bloodworth and his Kickstarter campaign for issue #1.

BLOODWORTH Kickstarter Press Release 03-01-16 BLOODWORTH Kickstarter Press Release 03-01-16

All of this and the news!!

Nothing like starting the New Year off with some new comics. There were plenty of #1’s on racks, kicking off new character stories and restarting old legends. For the first week of 2012 I checked out Lone Ranger #1, Ferals # 1, Fatale #1, as well as, caught up with one of my personal favs from 2011, Lil’ Depressed Boy #8. Lots to talk about so let’s get into it.

Lil' Depressed Boy #8 from Image Comics


Fatale #1 from Image Comics


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