The Get Up by joe pezzula — Kickstarter

Our project is a comic book entitled “The Get Up,” written by four writers: Mike Fountain, Marcel Losada, James Ninness, and Joe Pezzula. “The Get Up” is a science fiction story about a ragtag crew of a ship that becomes involved in inter-galactic war and the secrets behind a mysterious, ancient object. Our main characters are comprised of different races, including humans, Draconians (lizard-like in appearance), Fornaxians (like classical “alien” archetypes) and Ursans (mechanized humans). The crew of the Volturius scavenges destroyed vessels after large battles for fuel and gear, and when they come upon an ancient, mythical object with extraordinary technical implications, the crew become the target for both sides of the inter-galactic war alliances. Our story unfolds over twelve 22 page comic book issues. The project’s first issue can be used to further the prospects of future publishing, and our goal with Kickstarter is to fund the first book in the series which we can then sell and use to gain publishing for the rest of the series.

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