And… there’s also this.

Is the opportunity to run away from the horde of zombies from Walking Dead incentive enough to pay an EXTRA $80 on top of your regularly scheduled Comic-Con fees?

I think it might just be…

To celebrate issue 100!


One of the GOOD things about Comic Con recently has been the use of space outside.  In the last, oh, three years now, the studios and other pretty much non comic companies have started taking up space outside of Gaslamp and the adjacent area to pimp their wears to not the just Con goers, but the general public as well. From Scott Pilgrim, to Capcom, everyone seems to be trying to do something bigger and better every year.

I think The Walking Dead just won.

During this year’s Con, Petco Park is being turned into a Walking Dead Escape.  A massive interactive “maze” if you will, were you participate and pretty much role play that you’re in The Walking Dead.    Sounds cool, and I don’t even watch the damn show!

Few bits though.  It’s going to cost you.  Want to escape from the Walking Dead, you’re going to have to pay up.  Right now, it’s $70 to participate.  But you get a variant Walking Dead 100 with the purchase.  (Expect copies of those to sell high)  But from the sound of it, this isn’t some shitty maze like at Knott’s Berry Farm during Halloween.  No, it gets more complex than that.  Apparently, you can be attacked by a zombie, be bitten, and BECOME A DAMN ZOMBIE!  Holy crap!  If you want to skip the formalities, you can pay to be a zombie from the get go!  The downside, you want to watch, you got to pay up as well.  Which I think is kinda bullshit, but hey, capitalism is the backbone of our nation.

Going to be in San Diego for Comic Con, then you can head here to sign up and get in on the action.

the Realm Cast | THE WALKING DEAD invades COMIC CON!.

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