In the past, when Robert Kirkman has been asked if Norman Reedus’ character Daryl Dixon from AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show will ever be included in the comic books, he’s always indicated that he likes having different character unique to different mediums. However, he’s also always stopped short of giving a definitive “never” answer, leaving the door open for the possibility down the road.

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead comic book

Most recently, Skybound played a little April Fools’ Day joke, teasing the inclusion of Daryl Dixon in the comic books. While the tease was clearly a joke, it did get a lot of fans thinking that it might be a possibility.

However, in a new interview with MTV, Robert Kikman has finally given a definitive answer in regards to Daryl Dixon appearing in The Walking Dead comic books.

“All April Fool’s jokes aside, that’s the final answer there. It would be very strange to pull an element from the show and shoehorn it into the comic because of his immense popularity,” said Kirkman. “The comic book is on its own path, and I’ve certainly got far reaching plans for that. I like that Daryl is the element of the show that is an agent of change, that really affects every story as we try to adapt them. Losing that by putting him in the comic would do a disservice to the show, and the comics.”

Of course, that answer still leaves the door ever so slightly cracked to the possibility, but here is where Kirkman slams the door shut for good.“As much as I love Norman Reedus, and everybody loves Norman Reedus, you’ll never see Daryl Dixon in the comic. There, I said it,” added Kirkman.

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