TIME BOMB Trade Paperback on sale *now*!

From Radical Publishing

Created and Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Illustrated by: Paul Gulacy
Coloring by: Rain Beredo
Cover Art by: Paul Gulacy & Rain Beredo

A group of international scientists and archeologists on a publicly funded dig discover a hidden city beneath the streets of Berlin. Constructed as a failsafe option for the Nazi party should they lose the war, the city is also home to Hitler’s ultimate doomsday weapon – an Omega bomb designed to wipe out the human race – and it’s just been activated. Now, crews of scientists with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment must travel back in time to 24 hours before the disaster to stop the bomb from going off. However, they soon discover that rather than going back in time for 24 hours as intended, they’ve been sent back 65 years to the height of Hitler’s Germany.

Collecting the critically acclaimed miniseries in a never-before-seen trade paperback edition that includes an in-depth interview with creators/writers, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray as well as never-before-seen designs and character renderings from Paul Gulacy.

To dig deeper into the Time Bomb story, check out the all new facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/timebombpage, where you get access to never before seen material, behind the scenes artwork, interact with talent and much, much more!!!


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