Vampire Comic “Interceptor” Film In The Works

Heavy Metal is developing Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett’s upcoming post-apocalyptic vampire comic “Interceptor” into a feature film says Heat Vision.

Jeff Krelitz, who co-purchased the cult sci-fi brand Heavy Metal last year, says the company had been developing several properties for film and television when they started being approached by a few writers and directors about ‘Interceptor’ as a project.

The story involves vampires, who have evolved in a nuclear wasteland, attempting to reach the stars. Attempting to describe it, Krelitz paints a vivid picture:

“It’s like this: Buffy in a mech suit lands in a Vampire Mad Max hell hole and unleashes a maelstrom of UV ballistics and neon and blood soaked destruction. Plus little kids with machine guns, robot spiders with laser gun turrets, Area 51 filled with vamp prisoners and alien tech, dog fights, space stuff, evil presidents! Immortal kings! Swords! Vampire punk bands! Did I mention huge mech suits.”

Krelitz, David Boxenbaum and Brian Witten will produce the project for HM which is also develping films based on “Roche Limit” and “Hoax Hunters” along with a mini-series based on “The 49th Key”.