Whedon Fox Taking The Buffy Comics License

For years, Dark Horse Comics has been publishing its ongoing comic series based on the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV series with events in the books taking place in the years after the events of the series.

Now, in a recent interview with CBR, series creator and comics writer Joss Whedon confirmed that the upcoming fourth and final issue of ‘Buffy Season Twelve: The Reckoning’ will be the end of the Dark Horse Buffy era and then the rights to the series revert to Fox. He says:

“We want to do something more with Dark Horse right now – especially because Fox is taking the Buffy license and the Firefly license back. And Dark Horse has shepherded these licenses for decades now…

I heard about all of this after the fact. It’s like Disney taking Star Wars over to Marvel. All the sudden we realize this is happening. So I’m writing this from a position that will leave everybody in a position where you feel some closure, but it’s definitely not, ‘Oh, I now I won’t ever want to read about them again.’

Similar to the show, we’re not going to close it all off in the sense of ‘Everybody’s dead!’. We wanted to give the Dark Horse era some closure. What they’ve done over the years with Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn, and everyone there has put their souls into this. The artists like Georges [Jeanty] and everyone were such a perfect match. It’s been a great combination, so it couldn’t just end.”

The last issue of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Twelve” hits stores September 19th.

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