You Meddling Kids

Okay, you little stinkers, you listen up. I didn’t get my associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education to be upstaged by a bunch of super babies, you hear me? I’m the assistant teacher. I’ll deal with the issues. I don’t need you little turds coming in making a lot more work for me.

Clark, every time you pick up the whole toy box and throw it at a bully, that’s a lot of toys for me to pick up. Peter, you know when you spray spider webs all over everything? Well, guess who gets tasked with clean up duty on that? Anthony, if I have to patch another hole you blasted in the wall because you thought you saw a burglar, I’m going to flip. Jay, tell your parents to cut down on the soda, because every time you run around the room, you knock down all the artwork.

Basically, long story short, cut the crap, understand? Except you, Steve, you’re fine. I just don’t know why you hang out with these guys.

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