Looks Like CONSTANTINE Is Getting Its Second Season!

After many months of worrying by fans, NBC has announced that it will be bringing back it’s supernatural drama, Constantine, for a second season this fall. Yes, that includes the entire original cast! Now while NBC will be bringing back the series for a second season, they have also decided on making the second season only 13 episodes long. Apparently the desicion to make it only 13 episodes long was due to the fact the showrunner and writers felt they could tell a “better, tighter story that would allow for better development of the characters and overarching plot of the season”. This should be good news for people who aren’t fans of filler episodes.

There’s also many big things coming to the second season as we will be seeing Jim Corrigan become the Spectre, a storyline set up in the first season, along with being introduced to fan favorite characters such as Zatanna, Deadman, Dr. Fate, and Phatom Stranger! There’s also word going around that we might be seeing a character that will be a mixture of CGI and practical effects, so this might either be Swamp Thing or Etrigan The Demon. What about the timeslot? Well there’s no word on that yet, but the network is considering moving the show to a different night, Wednesday’s is apparently the one being throw around by executives, but nothing is set in stone yet.

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