One Small Step for Mouse…

Have you ever been sitting at your desk typing, searching, or even playing a game and suddenly realize that your arm, neck, or fingers start to ache? There are many factors that this could be derived from but the most common prognosis is that this is carpal tunnel syndrome and it affects nearly 500,000 people every year, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.
Holy $#!& Batman! That’s a lot of people! I know what you’re thinking, what causes carpal tunnel syndrome and what can I do to prevent or treat it? Although there are many activities that will eventually lead to this disease, there is one accessory that almost everyone uses every day, and most of us improperly that lead to more repetitive stress injuries that anything else. I’m of course referring to the computer mouse.
Yes, that’s right. Your very own mouse may be trying to kill you, or at least cause you severe pain. It turns out that your posture, hand position, and especially the motion of your hand will cause your wrist to move and flex in ways it wasn’t supposed to for long periods of time and the location of the contact force in your wrist will put unnecessary stress on your blood vessels causing them to shrink which in turn makes movement very painful.
I know what you’re thinking… How am I supposed to use my computer if I know that it’s going to cause me so many problems? Let me assure you that you are not the only person out there who has asked this question. It is because of this very question that the revolutionary Airmouse was developed. This radical new mouse-alternative device was crafted by Deanmark and uses the same characteristics of the traditional mouse, i.e. left mouse button, right mouse button, and tracking device all without the mouse.
What makes this device special and unique is that it was designed around the contour of our hands and is worn like a loose fitting glove that has the tracking device placed underneath the thumb with the left mouse button under the index finger and the right mouse button under the middle finger. The placement of these features, along with the support device, allows your wrist to stay in a neutral position which reduces the stress applied to the joints and virtually eliminates the contact force at the wrist.
The device is claimed to be more accurate than the standard mouse, less physically demanding to operate (from the perspective of the joints), and more comfortable to operate. Plus it looks cool. And if these claims weren’t good enough it’s also wireless! Each of the electronic components are also meant to be removable for when your glove wears out, it can be replaced with ease. The unit also uses a rechargeable battery that boasts a charge life of about a week before it needs to be recharged.
In summary, it appears as if carpal tunnel syndrome, if only at the office, may have been virtually eliminated by merely replacing an accessory that we’ve become so dependent on for so many years. If this product can live up to its expectations then you can be assured that medical costs will be severely reduced, people will be able to work at their desks without pain, and we’ll all look cool doing it.

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