Shots from the Studio #2

Hello everybody!

Today, for this installment of Shots from the Studio, I’d like to spotlight one of my favorite art books from my collection. Berni Wrightson’s “A Look Back”.

This beautiful tome weighs in at a whopping 359 pages and covers Wrightson’s
artistic evolution from childhood up to the early to mid-eighties. I received this book as a birthday gift in 1996 and is probably the art book I’ve looked through or referenced the most out of my entire collection.
Wrightson is the undisputed master of macabre horror art from his groundbreaking run on DC’s Swamp Thing, which he co-created with comic legend Len Wein, to his draw dropping illustrated publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. No one summons pure horror and dreadful beauty quite like him. But enough of my prattling on let’s look at some art.